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~Dance with me on plastic tears~

14 March

[Visit my website]

If you think we share common interests or you're just interested in reading my journal feel free and add me. Comment to let me know you added me so that i'll add you back. I am infact happily taken and there is not question about that. I am NOT interested in dating nor "hooking up" with anyone, friends are fine but, nothing beyond that...I'm taken and if you can't respect this, don't bother contacting me. I'm not interested in anything more than a friendship.

Music is an extremely huge part of my life! I have very eclectic taste. I listen to Noize, EBM, Industrial, IDM Happy Hardcore, Gothic, DnB, Hindi, Bhangra, Europop, hard trance, darkwave, Ethereal, dark ambience/soundscape. This list is not in any particular order.

This Morn' Omina, Noisuf-X, Mind.in.a.box, Necessary Response, Soman, Xotox, iszoloscope, Aesthetic Perfection, Winterkälte, KiEw, Tactical Sekt, Manufactura, Monolith, LITH, Architect, Rotersand, Seabound, Iris, De/Vision, memmaker, Hypnoskull, Punch inc, [:S.I.T.D:], Suicide Commando, NoiseX, Needle Sharing, Assemblage 23, Alien Vampires, Ah Cama-Sotz, The Azoic, Technoir, Ayria, Pow[d]er Pussy, Xentrifuge, Asche, Feindflug, Angels on Acid, Reaper, Combichrist, Icon of Coil, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, venetian snares, Cinema Strange, Breakbeat Era, Bel Canto, Aqua, Flip N Fill, Toy Box, DJ Sharpnel, Dune, Premature Ejaculation, Deep Forest, Enya, Enigma, Rasputina, Portishead, A.R. Rahman, State on Bengal, Sarah Brightman, Cruxshadows, Blutengel, Tegan and Sara, She wants revenge, ODB, Freezepop, XP8, Glis, L'ame Immortelle, Sopor Aeternus, Frames a second, Android Lust, Mephisto Walz, Apoptygma Berzerk, Grendel, Converter, Displacer, Marita Schreck, Haujobb, Wai Pi Wai, Mono no aware, L'ombre, Hocico, Mimetic, Wumpscut, Modulate, Dulce Liquido, Neuroticfish, S.I.N.A, Wolfsheim, Pride and fall, Echo !mage, Project Pitchfork, Wynardtage, Black tape for a blue girl, Lights of Euphoria, Velvet Acid Christ , Angels and agony, Syrian, Funker Vogt, Evil's Toy, T.O.Y, Endanger, Agonize, Unter Null, God Module, Black Lung, Seize, Hybryds, Proyecto Mirage, x-fusion....and sooo many more!

I do not make multiple accounts. Here is a list of links of the sites i'm on. If you find any other accounts that AREN'T the ones I listed please contact me at to confirm if it's me or not. It would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!


abstract, ambulances, art, bangles, belly dancing, big boots, bindi, bio-hazard symbol, biomechanics, black, body modification, body paint, bondage, breakcore, bubble tea, candles, candy, chemicals, chi chai monchan, chrome, circuit bending, circuitry, coil, concerts, construction sites, contacts, corsets, costumes, creating icons, crin, culture, cute things, cy-x, cyber, cyberculture, cyberdog, cyberlocks, cyborgs, dancing, dane, dark imagery, deathhawks, decay, decorating, desi, designing, disfiguration, distortion, diversity, dr.pepper, drag queens, drawn on eyebrows, dreads, dresses, dysnomia, e-bay, electro, ethereal, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fashion, fetish, flashing lights, foam hair, futuristic, garter belts, giggling, glitter, glow in the dark, glow sticks, goggles, gothic, gray, hair wefts, happy hardcore, hello kitty, hindi, history, india, industrial, innocence, internet, jewelry, jpop, jungles, kaos, kryolan, latex, love, maang tikas, makeup, making clothes, making dolls, making hairpieces, medical equipment, metal things, metallic, mini skirts, mixing, modeling, monster fur, new technology, noize, photography, piercings, pink, plastic, plastic surgery, platforms, playing the piano, poetry, power noize, prosthetics, purple, pvc, rain, reason, rexlace, robots, romance, rubber, runway, rusted fences, sarees, scalpels, shiny things, shredded tights, silver, spooky_kite, stethoscope, stilletos, stomping, surgical tools, synthesizers, synthetic hair, syringes, terror ebm, theatrical makeup, traveling, tribal, tubing, uniforms, uv reactive stuff, video games, visual art, vocoders, web design, wigs, wires, writing poetry